2012 Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Petar Kokotovic, faculty
Prof. Kokotovic was elected a Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences at the Dec 22, 2011 Annual Meeting of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). The Academy was founded in Saint Petersburg by Peter the Great in 1724 and was originally called The Saint Petersburg Academy of Sciences. Among the foreign scholars invited to work at the academy were mathematicians such as Leonhard Euler, Anders Johan Lexell, Christian Goldbach, Georg Bernhard Bilfinger, Nicholas and Daniel Bernoulli; the botanist Johann Georg Gmelin; the embryologists Caspar Friedrich Wolff; the astronomer and geographer Joseph-Nicolas Delisle; the physicist Georg Wolfgang Kraft; and the historian Gerhard Friedrich Müller. Members of the RAS are elected based on their scientific contributions and election to membership is considered very prestigious.

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