Joao P. Hespanha 2002 Plenary Speaker at the 5th Portuguese Conference on Automatic Control (Controlo 2002)
Francesco Bullo 2002 Best Student Paper Award Finalist (as advisor), IEEE Conf. Robotics and Automation, Arlington, VA
Petar Kokotovic 2001 James H. Mulligan, Jr. Educational Medal, IEEE
Andrew Teel 2002 IEEE Fellow
Petar Kokotovic 1996 Member, National Academy of Engineering
Andrew Teel 2001 American Automatic Control Council O. Hugo Schuck Best Paper Award
Michael Ludkovski 2001 Governor General’s Silver Medal, Simon Fraser Univ.
Joao P. Hespanha 2001 National Science Foundation CAREER Award
Bassam Bamieh 2001 Special invited presentation, IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, "Distributed Systems and Distributed Control"
Frank Doyle 2001-2002 Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow
Frank Doyle 2001-2002 Defense Science Study Group
Michael Ludkovski 2001-2005 Francis S. Upton Fellowship, Princeton Univ.
Bassam Bamieh 2000 American Automatic Control Council Hugo Schuck Best Paper Award
Frank Doyle 2000 ASEE/Ray Fahien Award
Jeff Moehlis 2000 Bernard Friedman Memorial Prize in Applied Mathematics for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation, UC Berkeley
Andrew Teel 2000 IEEE Conference on Decision and Control Student Best Paper Award (as advisor)
Igor Mezic 2000 IEEE Control Systems Society G.H. Axelby Outstanding Paper Award
Mihai Putinar 2000 Natural Science Research Council Grants, Sweden
Andrew Teel 2000 Plenary Speaker, American Control Conference, Chicago
Linda Petzold 1999 SIAM Dahlquist Prize
Igor Mezic 1999 Sloan Fellowship in Mathematics
Joao P. Hespanha 1999 Yale University's Henry Prentiss Becton Graduate Prize for exceptional achievement in research in Engineering and Applied Science
Mustafa Khammash 1999 Young Engineering Faculty Research Award, Iowa State University
Michael Crandall 1999 Steele Prize
Igor Mezic 1999 National Science Foundation CAREER Award for research on Nonlinear Dynamics and Control from Microscale to Macroscale